Winter Car Survival Tips

Winter driving. Off-road riding on winter forest snowy road

If you happen to live in a region that experiences heavy snow in every winter, it is likely that you may end up being stranded in your car for a while during the season. This is why it is important that you are aware of the survival tips which may come in handy provided that you have been stranded in your car. Taking this into consideration, we have mentioned a few of the prominent tips that you must implement in order to deal with the survival circumstance at your disposal. Such survival tips are as follows:

  • Make sure that you are not panicking and try to be as calm as you can. Trying to leave the car is only going to worsen the situation since its significantly colder outside than it is in your car. The shelter is providing you with a protection against the wind that happens to be a key to success
  • Do not forget to crack one of the windows which happen to be away from the wind in order to make sure that you have established a source of fresh air. Food and water may be essential for survival, but the top most priority has to be a source of fresh air
  • Provided that you have been stranded in your car during excessive snowing with other passengers, make sure to huddle together as much as you possibly can in order to create a pocket of warmth in your car
  • Do not be absolutely idle and sit with no movements whatsoever. Try rubbing your hands every once in a while, or put them under your armpits. You may want to continue moving a little bit every once in a while in order to make your muscles produce the required amount of heat in order to tackle the cold
  • Always try and not overexert yourself. It happens to be one of the primary reason of sweating which will eventually lead to wet clothing that is known to produce hypothermia which is the last thing that you want yourself to go through during the time when you are stranded in your car in a snowy season
  • Try and make others realize that you are there and are stranded. If you have flares, make use of them. However, using emergency lights of your vehicle is certainly going to take up a lot of the battery power. Therefore, such lights should only be utilized if you are sure that someone is going to notice

Taking the above mentioned information into consideration, it can almost be taken for granted that there are a number of survival tips which are to be followed provided that you have stranded in your car during a snowy season. Provided that you are implementing the tips mentioned above in an appropriate fashion, you’d be able to improve your chances of being safe, staying healthy and eventually returning to your home. Rest assured, you are not destined to regret making the decision of following the above mentioned plan of action under such circumstances.