Top 10 Self Defense Weapons

Self Defense Against A Gun

With an ever increasing crime rate, it is not out of question for you to be a victim of a home intrusion. This is why it is of prime importance to be prepared for such scenarios. Having a working knowledge of the top weapons which may come in handy under such circumstances is where you can begin your preparation with. Taking this into consideration, we have mentioned the top 10 weapons which may be utilized in order to tackle such a horrific trauma in an appropriate fashion without losing control. Let’s take a closer look at the list of top 10 weapons.


There is no argument over the fact that your mind is the finest weapon that you have against the intruder. If you can outthink him, you immediately get a psychological benefit that enables you to get rid of the fear and keep your composure along with the mental control.

12 Gauge Shotgun:-

The power that 12 gauge shotgun has to offer that almost always gets the job done along with a wider blast radius which ensures that you’ll hit even if you can’t target well are the benefits that the weapon has to offer.


Keeping a handgun at a spot where you can access it easily during a home invasion may come in handy since using a handgun isn’t as complicated as the other weapons either.

Bow And Arrow:-

While the weapon may not be a commendable option to be used inside the house, it is a perfect weapon to use on the invaders who are only approaching your house yet.


Mace or a pepper spray is a convenient and efficient weapon to be used against the invaders or thieves and does also offer a huge range. The weapon is specifically useful if you are not looking for anything lethal.

Police Baton:-

If you are looking for a weapon that can be used at a close range, nothing beats a police baton or a tonfa. The weapon is more suitable for close range shots than knife, clubs, sticks, or fists.

Baseball Bats:-

Provided that you are a victim of a closed quarter combat situation, a baseball bat offers an effective range and a convenience of use that is destined to get the job done for you.

Sword Or Axe:-

Sword or an axe may come in handy under a closed quarter combat situation as well, however, you may want to get a bit of training before swinging it at an intruder or a thief.

Knife Or A Scissor:-

Benefits include the weapon being small that enables you to conceal it conveniently and hide it at different spots of the house. A folding knife for instance gives you an edge if you are in a closed quarter combat situation.

Martial Arts Or Self-Defense Techniques:-

Last but not the least, make sure to learn a few basic self-defense techniques like jujitsu or Krav Maga in order to be prepared for dealing with such unexpected threats.